Peace of Mind During Power Outages - Your Stairlift Will Keep Running 
Uninterrupted Stairlift Operation in Case of Power Cuts 
Concerned about using your stairlift during a power outage? Worry not! Our stairlifts are equipped with rechargeable batteries, ensuring continued operation even without mains power. 
Reliable Battery Backup 
Gone are the days of widespread power cuts. However, occasional outages due to weather or unforeseen circumstances can still occur. Thankfully, your stairlift's internal batteries provide a dependable backup solution. 
These batteries recharge automatically when the stairlift reaches the charging points at the top and bottom of the track. Some models even feature a continuously charging track, eliminating the need to worry about specific stopping positions. 
While batteries require regular charging, they retain sufficient power for multiple trips between floors during a power outage. 
Maintaining a Charged Stairlift 
For optimal performance, it's crucial to keep your stairlift fully charged at all times. This ensures the batteries have maximum capacity when a power cut happens. 
If your stairlift has charging points at both ends, make sure to complete trips to the top and bottom to activate charging. An audible warning will alert you if the stairlift is left off a charging point. 
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Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions regarding your stairlift. We're here to help! 
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