Affordable Stairlift Rental: The money saving Choice 

Not sure if you would like a stairlift? Don’t want to buy a lift outright to sell in a year? Think stairlifts rental service would be the perfect option for you. This gives you the opportunity to “try before you buy” or to install a lift to accommodate a family member visiting or help recover from an operation without paying 1000s 

Hire A Stairlift with Think Stairlifts 

When you need a stairlift for just 6 months, hiring a stairlift from us allows you access to the latest stairlift technology without the long-term commitment of purchasing a model of your own. 
With the Think Stairlifts rental option we want you to experience the full range of benefits on offer. 
That’s why each of our fully THINK-approved rental stairlifts feature the following: 
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Manual seat swivel 
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Compact foldaway design 
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Reliable Battery backup 
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Comfortable Smooth ride  

What to Expect? 

With Think Stairlifts, you can expect more from your rental 
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An installation fee is required when renting a stairlift: Straight stairlift rentals: £150 installation fee and then £40.00 per month (to be paid 6 months upfront Minimum term contract also applicable) Curved stairlift rentals: £300 installation fee and then £60.00 per month (payable every 6 months) Rental stairlifts come with a continuous warranty, 24 hour response service and free removal when the stairlift is no longer required. 
Our standard stairlift rental rate is a low fixed monthly amount. And, there is a 6 months minimum term requirement on straight and curved stairlifts 
All our rental units are fully guaranteed. Which means in the unlikely event your stairlift stops working, we offer a 24 hour response repair or replacement service to ensure you’re fully satisfied with your stairlift hire and can continue to make the most it. 
When you’re renting a stairlift as an interim option or to support a discharge from hospital, we know you want to move quickly. From the moment you sign your hire agreement we aim to have your stairlift delivered and installed in a matter of days and not weeks! 
Hiring a stairlift is cost effective if you only intend to rent a stairlift for a 6 months. But, if you change your mind or find you need the stairlift for longer, we give you the option to buy at a discounted rate, keeping rental expenses to a minimum and saving you money in the long run. 

Buying a stairlift or hiring a stairlift? 

When the stairs start to cause a problem your thoughts may turn to stairlift installation. The Think Stairlifts Guide to Stairlift Rental can help you weigh up the pros and cons of hiring a stairlift versus buying a stairlift. 
From style and function to cost and duration, we’ve summarised everything you need to think about before you make a decision 

Stairlift Rental Access to the latest stairlift technology 

You will have full Access to our latest stairlift technology. 
Hiring a stairlift often means accessing the most up-to-date stairlift models - Usually for a fraction of the price of buying one. 
When you’re renting a stairlift from us you’ll experience the smoothest movement, user-friendly controls, longer battery life, modern installation methods, and more hardwearing yet lightweight chairs our brands of lifts can offer. 

Hiring a Stairlift The affordable short term option 

Depending on your circumstances, renting a stairlift can be the most economical option for some households. If you’re planning on using a stairlift for no more than 6 months (6 months our minimum term) it’s more cost-effective to rent a stairlift. 
If you’re planning renting a stairlift for longer than 6 months in the long term to buy a stairlift would be most cost effective. 
If you’re not sure whether to buy or rent? Make a direct comparison of costs to help you decide. 
You could start by getting a free quotation from a stairlift supplier like Think Stairlifts. Either purchase method you will still receive the same quality service and product. 

Renting a Stairlift A short-term option 

If your stairlift usage is expected to be temporary, stairlift rental can be the practical short-term solution. in Comparison to buying a stairlift, hiring a stairlift can be an economical way to help people who are: 

Recovering from short-term injuries, operations or mobility issues. 

A rental stairlift can be quickly installed and removed without any damage to decor and minimal if any disruption to the running of your household.  
It will also allow individuals to get around their home as their mobility improves. 

Visting a home with stairs. 

Visiting a home with a different staircase. If you are used to using a stairlift or live in a single-story accomodation, visiting friends or relatives who don’t have stairlift access to upper floors can be an obstacle. Before your visit, you may wish to discuss the possibility of installing a rental stairlift for the duration of your stay. 

Stairlift Hire Try before you purchase 

If you’re thinking about puchasing a stairlift, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to take the plunge, renting a stairlift gives you the chance to give one a whirl before making a long-term commitment.  
Stairlift rental allows you to see how much of a difference a stairlift can make to your lifestyle before you decide to buy one. 
At Think Stairlifts we understand buying a stairlift is a decision thats not taken lightly.  
If you’d like to find out more about stairlift rental, speak to the Think Stairlifts team. You can also arrange a free no obligation Survey to discuss the range of rental or purchase options available to you and discover which option would best suits your needs. 
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